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West Houston Root Canal Therapy

Seeking care for infected or damaged teeth is essential to ensuring that your smile is healthy and your teeth are strong. Advanced decay on teeth, or fractures that expose inner systems of teeth to bacteria, can present serious complications for your oral health.

At West Houston Dental, we provide root canal therapy in Houston, TX to help patients preserve their smiles. Contrary to popular belief, root canals are comfortable restoration procedures that are vital in the fight against tooth infections and extraction.

Advanced Root Canal Treatment at West Houston Dental

Treating your smile with a root canal allows Dr. Nguyen to remove bacteria and damaged tissue from inside teeth. Without this treatment, infection can compromise teeth to the point that they need to be removed, or can move beyond tooth roots to attack bone health. Root canal therapy provides the following benefits to patients with infected or fractured teeth:

Pain Relief – Perhaps the most significant improvement offered by a root canal is overall patient comfort. The pain caused by a tooth infection can be severe, but a root canal allows Dr. Nguyen to alleviate that pain with one procedure.

Save Damaged Teeth – Even if your tooth is severely damaged or infected, it can be preserved and keep its place in your smile with a root canal. Your tooth does not need the internal tissue and nerves, called dentin, to survive. During the root canal process, Dr. Nguyen skillfully removes infected dentin, leaving the interior of your tooth clean, and restores your tooth with a crown, so it looks healthy and beautiful.

Prevent More Extensive Treatment – Losing a tooth to infection doesn’t seem like significant health issue, but it can be. When you have missing teeth, other teeth can begin to shift and you lose some biting and chewing power. While Dr. Nguyen can replace teeth with dental implants, the best way to maintain your health is to keep your own teeth for as long as possible; a root canal can help you do this.

Dr. Nguyen has been providing root canal treatment for years and can help you keep your smile healthy and infection free with this endodontic procedure.

Comfortable Root Canals in Houston

Our team utilizes high-tech instruments to treat infected teeth with root canals. With this modern methodology, your root canal can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, painlessly.  Dr. Nguyen’s advanced endodontic tools include equipment that helps him to more effectively clean root systems, which increases treatment success and limits the likelihood that your tooth will need to be re-treated.

Infected Tooth? Get out of Pain with Root Canal Therapy 

If your tooth is severely decayed, painful, or has been fractured, contact our office immediately for care.

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