Discover the Benefits of Lumineers in West Houston, TX

Veneers are efficient cosmetic dental restorations that allow you to achieve a smile that is whiter and free of visible damage to teeth. Veneers are commonly utilized to conceal cosmetic flaws, such as chipped teeth, uneven tooth size, or gaps between teeth. The latest in veneer therapy, which offers thinner, more natural-looking prosthetics, is Lumineers®. At West Houston Dental, we provide cosmetic smile transformation with Lumineers® to help patients achieve spectacular smiles.

Why Choose Lumineers over Traditional Veneers?

Traditional veneers are thicker than Lumineers®, making it necessary to prepare teeth by removing a small amount of existing dental enamel, so that the porcelain can sit naturally against teeth. In comparison, Lumineers® are:Lumineers in Houston, TX at West Houston Dental

Thin - No preparation of your natural teeth is necessary to place your veneers in a way that looks seamless.

Removable - Though rarely needed, Lumineers® can be removed to reveal your natural teeth below.

Conservative - Because tooth preparation isn’t necessary, veneers can support conservative cosmetic dentistry that allows you to keep as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

Lumineers® allow patients to preserve underlying tooth enamel, which benefits lasting oral health and function. Lumineers® are ideal for patients with thin, small, or pushed-back teeth. Dr. Nguyen prefers Lumineers® veneers for effective smile makeovers, as they allow him to maintain a conservative treatment effort and help patients keep their treated teeth in-tact.

Strong, Beautiful Veneers with Zirconia Lumineers® in Houston

In addition to traditional Lumineers®, which are made from tooth-colored porcelain, West Houston Dental offers Lumizeers, which are made from zirconia, an extra durable glass-ceramic combination. Because they are so strong, Lumizeers can be made to be ultra-thin so that your smile looks as close as possible to natural teeth and dental enamel.

When helping patients to select the best cosmetic dental treatments for their needs, Dr. Nguyen can recommend a variety of materials. Zirconia veneers from Lumineers® are ideal for patients who are hard on their teeth and require a more durable material to provide a treatment that will stand the test of time. 

Schedule your Veneers Consultation - Contact our Houston Lumineers® Dentist

Dr. Nguyen has been providing Lumineers® for qualified patients for 15 years. In as little as two dental appointments, Dr. Nguyen can provide patients with beautifully transformed smiles that last. For more information about Lumineers® porcelain and zirconia veneers in Houston, contact our cosmetic dental office today.


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