Computer Guided Implant Surgery

The State-of-the-Art Solution: West Houston Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Dental implants often provide a more advanced replacement for the missing tooth than a traditional bridge, and preserves adjacent teeth. They are small metal screws designed specifically to replace your natural tooth root. These dental implants do not require the adjacent teeth to be modified. Restoration with all-ceramic components can result in a beautiful, natural-looking, translucent tooth, just like the tooth being replaced!

Dr. Tomy Nguyen uses Computed Tomography Studies (CT Scans) which allows a very detailed assessment in three dimensions.  These 3-D visualizations allow implants to be placed with a level of precision that was unattainable several years ago. In addition, the surgical procedures can often be accomplished in a much more conservative procedure which involves greatly reduced discomfort, less treatment time and a more accurate final outcome.


West Houston, Texas Dental Implant Specialist Tomy Nguyen, DDS offers state of the art computer guided dental implants using CT Scans